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Amposan, desde Argentina, es lider mundial en ampollas y frascos de vidrio neutroviales flint y ambar
Vitrofar S.A., the forerunner company of Amposan S.A., began its activities in 1950. Later, in 1969, it joins Rigolleau S.A. as a subsidiary company. Subsequently, it was in 1988 when it came to be known as Amposan S.A. until now.

Over the years, Amposan has evolved together with the development of these markets. This has been possible thanks to the support from the Department of Product Engineering and the Physical-Chemical Laboratory of Rigolleau S.A. and to the access to knowledge of the most advanced and updated technology in the world.

The significant and continuous investments accomplished by shareholders aim to have its productive equipment equally levelled with the ones used by the main ampoules and vials manufacturers globally. Besides, the incorporation of new productive equipment made it possible the development as regards quality and quantity of the containers put at the market's disposal by Amposan.

By combining the vast knowledge of market and the availability of first-rate equipment with the usage of excellent materials, we have successfully positioned ourselves as the leader in the production and selling of containers obtained from neutral glass tubing.

Since 1969, we have developed stiff experience in the market. Our plant is located on an 8200m2 lot in San Juan Province and produces 16 millions of units per month.

We are part of the Rigolleau S.A. group, leader in manufacturing glass products.

Lisandro de la Torre 1651 (B1884MFK) Berazategui - Buenos Aires - Argentina
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